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LilithLilith $22.00US Pewter w/ 36" cord. The legendary figure of Lilith has become a symbol for women’s unity. Feminist culture has adopted Lilith as an icon of women’s equality, freedom of choice, freedom of expression, and sexual freedom. As with many legendary and mythological female figures, Lilith has been associated with the dark side. Lilith is said to have been the first wife of Adam, who refused to be the subservient partner. She fled the Garden of Eden and became known through folklore and mythology as a demon and a succubus. The Lilith symbol is not for everyone........the imagery is strong, unpredictable, and frightening; but also raw, real, and powerfully honest. actual size: 1&1/2" h X 7/8"w.  Comes on an adjustable black cord.

Spear of Odin Pendant Spear of Odin Pendant $25.00US Irminsul, a Cosmic Tree symbol, was Sacred to the Saxons of Ancient Europe. Equated with Yggdrasil, the World Tree of the Norse,the symbol once existed in Northern Germany but was destroyed by early Christians under orders of Charlemagne in 772 AD. The only surviving image of Irminsul was reportedly carved into the rock formations of the "externsteine," a huge natural rock formation long used as a Pagan Holy Site: often described as mainland Europe's "Stonehenge." On the trunk of this Cosmic Tree is the 'GAR' rune, seen only in the Anglo-Saxon runic alphabet. Gar is the last rune, and means 'Spear.' More accurately, it refers to "Gungnir," Odin's Magical Spear; a Dwarven Magical Weapon given to Odin by Loki. Gar was used as a magical word for bringing magic into being,
such as the phrases 'ka!' and 'abracadabra.'  Magical Spear to those who defend and support nature's cause.

Oak TreeOak Tree $22.00US Pewter w/ 36" cord. The Oak tree is sacred to the Celtic people, bestowing great power and breadth of vision. The Oak engenders self-confidence, optimism, the ability to cope with danger and difficulty. actual size: 1&1/2" h X 3/4"w.  Comes on an adjustable black cord.

Triple Crescent MoonTriple Crescent Moon $22.00US Pewter w/ 36" cord. The triple crescent moon symbolizes the three aspects of a women's life - maiden, mother and crone, as well as the three fates the "weird" (from "wyrd", meaning fate) sisters who control one's birth, life and death. actual size 1 5/8" diameter.  Comes on an adjustable black cord.

Unity PendantUnity Pendant $25.00US The Unity symbol represents the sacred doorway which opens when two souls embrace. Entering this doorway is always a challenge. We encounter different ideas, different values, and different likes and dislikes. It often feels as if we've entered a different world. The experience can be overwhelming. It can cause us to run back to the safe place of oneness, where we understand the world and feel safe. But often oneness is a lonely place where nothing grows and life may be predictable, but stagnant. The Unity symbol reminds us that one plus one always yields something greater, while one multiplied by it self will always remain the same. Entering the sacred doorway yields an opportunity for growth, acceptance, and honoring one another in peace and in love. The triad represents resolution to conflict; two opposites and a neutral for binding, balancing, and a transforming presence. Wear the Unity amulet to encourage peaceful and harmonious relationships to enter your life.

Soulmates PendantSoulmates Pendant $22.00US The quest for love is imperative for most of us. However elusive it can be, we never give up looking for our “soulmate”. The myth of Cupid and Psyche illustrates the power of love and the true meaning of the term “Soulmates.” Cupid is said to represent the heart and Psyche , the soul of a relationship. Our embracing lovers symbolize that heart and soul and the ideal of finding your “Soulmate”.  Actual Size1&1/4" H X 3/4" W.  Comes on an adjustable black cord.

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